String Instruments Workshop 1

with the Acacia Quartet

Music-By-Youth Workshop sponsored by Camp Creative
A workshop by the Acacia Quartet for members of the Bellingen Youth Orchestra String School.

Thursday 26 September

4:00 – 6:00 pm
Bellingen High School

Free for participants

String Instruments Workshop 2

with the Acacia Quartet

Music-By-Youth Workshop sponsored by Camp Creative

An ‘open’ workshop of Bellingen Youth Orchestra’s string section directed by the Acacia Quartet. Welcome to all interested and curious concert goers.

A rare opportunity for interested audience to observe the entire string section of the Bellingen Youth Orchestra preparing for a concert performance, guided by members of the Acacia Quartet. They will be looking at technical and musical problems and how to deal with them. Observe the commitment of those fine players of the BYO up close.

Friday 27 September

10:00 – 11:30 am
Bellingen Memorial Hall

Free for participants and observers.

Guitar Workshop

with Karin Braidwood

sponsored by the Federal Hotel

Whether you are a beginning student of the contemporary guitar or a more experienced player of various styles, this workshop is bound to expand your musical horizons and inspire you to try something new and different! Please bring your instrument…nylon or steel string guitar, ukulele welcome as well. This workshop is “hands on” and interactive.

 This guitar workshop will explore two exciting and unusual aspects of my work over the years of playing and teaching in the local area and abroad.

The first part is dedicated to expanding your repertoire of expressive techniques such as legato, trills, bends, slides, harmonics and percussive techniques, tone colour options and dynamics as well as improvisation, all of which have been employed by contemporary classical guitarists and often copied from 20th century styles and beyond.

The second part will look at copying in a most unusual way and is one of my passions. You may be surprised that the infamous “4 chord song” copied the exact first 3 chords of a famous progression Mr Pachabel composed in the baroque period, the opening of Beatles Blackbird has been received by Mr Carulli and copied by Vance Joy! You may be inspired to try something really different!

You will receive a booklet of ideas to inspire you and possibly keep learning for months ahead!   

Saturday 28 September

11:30am – 1:00 pm
St Andrews

Participants:  $10


Gunganbuwala Singers

Learn about Gumbaynggirr language and culture through song with Michael (Micklo) Jarrett, Luke Rhodes and Bellingen’s own Gunganbuwala Singers

Saturday 28 September

1:15 – 2:00 pm
St Andrews

Gold Coin entry at the door